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Modern, multifunctional, unique and practical: a new space for an innovative experience.

Duran is reinventing the shopping experience with a unique and sophisticated building.

Metal, mares and glass

It’s Wednesday and the market is on, so it is the perfect time to head into Santanyí and enjoy its shops, restaurants and beaches. At the entrance to the town, at the S’Olivó Trading Estate, we see a magnificent building, designed with clean and straight lines, using a combination of metal and mares walls to achieve an effect that is as attractive as it is intriguing. On the main façade, there is a small sign that invites you to go inside: DURAN.

The century-old Mallorcan firm, a paradigm of family business, has recently inaugurated the more than 2,500 square metres of the building; This is no ordinary industrial warehouse on a new industrial estate, far from it. DURAN wanted to return to its roots and open a centre in Santanyí that offered its customers a new shopping experience based on interaction and an extensive, sophisticated and comprehensive range of products.

The new building is the work of the Mallorcan studio AR3 arquitectes and is in itself a statement of intent. From the outside, the building is striking. The metallic façade blends into the landscape and its colours transform with the light of the day. At the base of the building, the mares walls highlight the company’s roots and encourage you to venture inside. The combination of the two materials helps to filter the natural light, enabling you to enjoy the contents of the building in all their splendour.

The shopping experience offered by DURAN at its new centre in Santanyí is innovative and inspiring, designed to break with traditional standards. It offers visitors the opportunity to actively participate in the shopping experience, encouraging creativity and providing workspaces that enable them to plan and create their project.

Much more than a showroom

The idea behind the new centre in Santanyí, which has been added to those that already exist in Palma, Calvià and Alcúdia, is to demonstrate all the possibilities of construction materials within a warm, comfortable and professional space. You have paving, ceramics and tiles, but also fabrics, curtains, and bathroom and kitchen furniture. Façades and tiling alongside the creation of environments and the renovation of indoor spaces. A fully comprehensive service.

The showroom, developed by MBDA, a company in Barcelona, transports the customer to a space designed to transform the shopping experience into an entirely creative process. The layout inside the building enables visitors to explore the showroom at their own pace, in a welcoming environment with lighting adapted to each situation. The panels organise the space, dividing it and customising it. They create informative routes where you can explore intriguing options with no commitment. Customers are led along an interesting and friendly journey that is never overwhelming and is designed with one end goal in mind: customer satisfaction, achieved thanks to a huge range of products and solutions made available to them.

The building also offers a workshop area, a space designed for design enthusiasts and professionals to come up with ideas and develop new projects and concepts. offers a comprehensive service, where the customer can receive advice on all areas from a team of expert professionals who know everything about the sector, the new products from various brands, the latest trends and the 100-year old company that they work for.

The Santanyí centre also offers a very large space where professionals can help themselves to hardware, plumbing and electricity products. Electricidad que en este edificio se genera de manera autosuficiente a través de una instalación fotovoltaica que ha contado con los fondos Next Generation de la UE para un aprovechamiento óptimo.

The value of a personal experience

To avoid queues, delays or unexpected situations, DURAN allows customers to make appointments in all its departments, so visitors can guarantee a workspace when they need it and ensure they will have access to advice from a professional, should they need it.

All of these services offered in person are a response to the online shopping trends that became further entrenched after the pandemic. It is obviously impossible to hold back this technological tsunami, which is why shopping in person should offer an added value, a worthwhile experience. This is the starting point, but not everything.

DURAN offers a huge catalogue of products that is constantly evolving, always with a finger on the pulse of new building and decorative trends. Floor and wall coverings, kitchens, made-to-measure wardrobes, wallpaper, lighting, carpets and fabrics with the best brands for the best possible offer.

The market is always a great time to visit Santanyí, but you no longer need to wait until Wednesday to make the trip. The new DURAN centre at the S’Olivó Trading Centre is worth the visit in itself. We guarantee you won’t regret it.