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Esteldome en Seven Sisters Estates

The conception and execution of an extraordinary idea

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a 1950s musical that tells the story stated in the title. The Seven Sisters Estates project, developed by Mallorca Walls, has a certain similarity to the plot of the movie. In fact, in the municipality of Sencelles, in the very heart of Mallorca, lies Can Ribera, a stunning 28,000 square-metre estate where homes share the space with orchards and vineyards. The best possible experience in a healthy environment.

Experience and health: two concepts that recur like a mantra in the design of Luis Ladaria, the project’s architect. An idea whose aim is life in close contact with nature, through proactive symbiosis with the land. Fostering sustainable housing by maximising the use of local water resources, reusing and optimising consumption thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. Using natural light, which varies according to the seasons and the building design. Making the most of natural ventilation, boosted by high-tech energy-saving systems. Energy generated autonomously by solar panels, eliminating dependence on the conventional grid. And, above all, using locally-sourced materials, produced by people who know their trade using responsible, sustainable methods.

An integrated, sustainable and smart project

Esteldome is entrusted with leading the project, always in agreement with the architects responsible and with a special focus on the wishes of the client, the true protagonist of the story. Although Estel’s full title is “Engineering and Construction”, its real mission is to execute integrated projects. So Esteldome also embraces the idea of intelligent solutions, announcing its intentions. The basic premise is to get to know the client, understand what they want, how they plan to achieve it and where the project will be located. And this is when Esteldome gets to work.

In the Seven Sisters project, Can Ribera is the first bride, but hopefully not the only one. A 500-square metre house with another 350 metres of terrace and a heated pool are the start of a fabulous experience. The site is within an estate that includes an orchard of oranges, lemons and olives, and is surrounded by its own vineyard of up to four hectares. And it all comes with a mantra: sustainability is not only part of our philosophy, it is our philosophy.

The Seven Sisters Estates concept aims to offer clients an unparalleled living experience. The Seven Sisters Estates concept aims to offer clients an unparalleled living experience. A residence equipped with all the benefits of state-of-the-art home automation, in a beautiful natural setting and with all the facilities and details to delight even the most exacting owners and visitors. To achieve all this, the project benefits from the support of Esteldome’s smart solutions. The value chain begins with an analysis of the initial project in order to turn ideas into reality. The best methods are chosen, resulting in greater efficiency and therefore increased value for the property. Integrated installations with comprehensive, quick and effective maintenance. Details that make Can Ribera an attractive, sustainable, efficient and welcoming bride.

A place to be lived in

Everything needed for a home that’s perfectly in harmony with its surroundings. There’s nothing superfluous in this project. The orchard provides oranges and lemons for fresh and wholesome breakfasts. The vineyard offers a joyful and exciting harvest, just like the wine it will produce. The generous, welcoming and comfortable house is at home in its setting, surrounded by and part of its own space. The pool is heated with energy from the solar panels that supply the building and make it self-sufficient, independent, autonomous. The spacious and charming terrace places you at the centre of the story. A choral story in which every element has an important role to play.

Can Ribera is the first of the seven brides offered by Seven Sisters Estates and, as the trailblazer, the image it seeks to convey is one of excellence. Mallorca Walls is responsible for executing the project, along with Esteldome, the Estel Ingeniería y Obras branch that seeks out intelligent solutions to build top-level luxury homes. There’s no doubt that, like all good musicals, Seven Sisters Estates will be an experience to remember.