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Fine work.

One of the realities that we have been able to confirm first-hand when organising the two editions of the Mallorca Real Estate Summit has been the top level of companies and professionals in the Real Estate sector on our islands.

As a result of these events, we have had the opportunity to verify the result of a fine work in the sector and we want to echo it so that anyone interested can also find out about everything that is happening.

We live in a place where tourism is obviously the most important sector and with the greatest media impact. Perhaps that is why we sometimes do not give other sectors that are key to the economic revitalisation of the islands the importance they deserve.

Besides business figures, impact, profitability or market shares, among other undoubtedly important indicators, we want to draw attention to more inspirational aspects, those that make projects unique and extraordinary; the selection of materials, respect for the environment, preciousness in execution, attention to detail, design… And, of course, the people, the professionals who make it possible for us to have a modern, innovative, inspiring and respectful Real Estate sector in the Balearic Islands.

Living on the Islands is a privilege, together we must look after of the treasure that we inhabit. Innovation and research into new materials and techniques are essential pieces to preserve the environment and achieve the perfect combination between beauty, quality, comfort, functionality, conservation, culture and sustainability.

For this reason, we really think that we need a communication channel in the sector, a way to publicise the news of the companies involved; projects, investments, legislative analysis, market analysis and other news of interest. That is why LLAD was born, a word that has the LL of Mallorca, the A for architecture and the D for Design.

We encourage you to send us through this website everything that you think may be interesting for Real Estate professionals. A communication team will select the most relevant news in order to add value to such an important sector for our present and our future.

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Finally, we inform you that we are already working on the third edition of the Mallorca Real Estate Summit, for 2024… we will keep you posted.