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XO Residences: the power of architecture

Grupo Ferrá presents an extraordinary surprise in Palma’s new skyline

The sea and the city

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can we say about a scent? and a sound? Walking by the sea, listening to the waves, caressing the sand while the smell of salt fills the senses is not a chimera: it is a luxury enjoyed by the residents of Portixol when they wake up every morning.

XO Residences Palma is an exclusive residential project in the heart of the Nou Llevant district, one of the most exclusive, new and interesting areas of the city’s urban development.

With the help of CMV Architects and the design and development of Xojay Management SL, the Grupo Ferrá has built a different and special place very close to the sea and just a few minutes from the centre of Palma.

The light of the Mediterranean

The development consists of 84 dwellings, the result of an exceptional architecture that synchronises form, functionality and beauty to create a set of emblematic buildings, a unique reference in a growing neighbourhood.

The layout and design of the apartments maximise natural light through glazed wallsachieving a spectacular result that combines indoor privacy with outdoor freedom by creating spaces with panoramic windows that open majestically to elegant private balconies, beautiful gardens in communal areas and endless roof terraces that lose themselves in the beauty of the Mediterranean.

The residences are distributed among 74 apartments, 10 duplexes and penthouses, with different typologies and layouts.

The first units range in size from 90 to 233 square metres, allowing us to offer customers the size that best suits their needs. The apartments create very special atmospheres, designed with great attention to detail, full of character and personality. Their integral designs, with glazed walls, allow you to maximise natural light and enjoy the brightness of the Mediterranean for most of the year. State-of-the-art technology, implemented in all homes, contributes to creating a space of comfort and functionality.

The duplexes and penthouses range in size from 211 to 433 square metres. Ten inspiring, elite and spectacular units. Elegant and welcoming environments, with dream terraces equipped with private swimming pool or jacuzzi and barbecue areas for exclusive use, surrounded by abundant vegetation and magnificent views over the emblematic Portixol district of Palma.

The real luxury is to be able to choose

The XO Residences Palma is all about the ability to adapt to each and every one of those who have chosen to enjoy this extraordinary promotion. In this way, each owner can choose their own style from three interior design options.

If you choose RAW, you will find a dynamic combination of highly functional and durable fair-faced and industrial concrete surfaces that merge into a highly sophisticated environment. Full of character and with a certain industrial style, it brings an elegant flair and subtlety to its interiors, without losing the warmth provided by the bare concrete wall ready to accommodate any type of decoration. The floors of these apartments are made of large-format tiles, they are equipped with a kitchen island and the bathroom facilities are textured with brushed chrome.

Those who opt for VANITY will do so because of the classic and timeless strength of marble and its combination with parquet floors that give their interior spaces a glamorous seal of modernity without losing any of the elegance and consistency of a first-class urban residence. The herringbone-shaped wooden floor forms an original and sophisticated pattern. The kitchen is a white marble island that fits in perfectly. The bathroom fixtures are textured in matt black to reinforce the understated elegance of the design. The vanity finishing touch is the artistic wall integrated in a large frame, ideal for capturing the creation we have always wanted to make.

The third option that XO Residences offers its customers is ISLAND. White wooden surfaces with large format and cream colour, which perfectly reflect that Mallorcan style, so Mediterranean and characteristic of our island. The clean, pure and simple lines are the minimum expression capable of offering maximum versatility to obtain a bright and welcoming space. The integrated kitchen appears as a white Corian island and the bathroom facilities are textured in brushed chrome. The artistic wall, the hallmark of the development and the link between the three styles of interior design of each home is, on this occasion, an organic green wall, which does not require engineering care that would complicate its maintenance.

Customised upgrading packages are also offered according to the needs of each owner. The different options include sound systems, individualised security, double showers or the sophisticated luxury of rooftop kitchens for personal use and enjoyment only.

Responsible urban planning

XO Residences Palma is located in Nou Llevant, the fastest growing area of Palma. Rational urban planning, equipped with services and infrastructures to make this area the one with the greatest potential in the whole city.

Common areas & technology

The sports area has a smart gym and a large swimming pool, as well as a sauna and steam room on site.

Security is ensured by a high-tech system, including a porter service. The buildings have ample underground parking. Another of the innovations offered by XO Residences Palma is the XO Lounge, which has spacious and comfortable work and leisure areas.

It is clear that XO Residences Palma is fully aware of the need to promote sustainable living. For this reason, the residential complex has energy certification A, a geothermal system to optimise heat resources, rainwater collection for reuse in garden irrigation and charging stations for electric vehicles. All of this is designed to ensure the efficient use of resources.

And since things well done are usually rewarded, apart from the sales success of the development, XOJAY MANAGEMENT SL has been awarded three prizes at The European Property Awards, an annual award given by this prestigious real estate organisation. Specifically, XO Residences Palma has achieved the Architecture Multiple Residence, the Residential Development 20+ units and the Sustainable Residential Development.

In any case, the best prize for XO Residences Palma is the satisfaction of having created a place where quality of life is the raison d’être.