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Socías y Rosselló: innovation born out of experience

Eighty years of leadership and service

Photographs: Javi Saguillo

A lot has changed in Mallorca in the last eighty years. We were a society that transitioned from agriculture to industry without realising that tourism would fuel its economy. Socías y Rosselló has been part of this evolution.

On July 1st, 1943, José Socías and Juan Rosselló, visionaries and entrepreneurs, founded the La Industrial y Agrícola Socías y Rosselló. Mallorca was in the middle of the post-war era and both partners identified an opportunity to create a company that covered the supply needs of an emerging industry and machinery for the agricultural sector.

Their work and professionalism helped them to grow and increase the product offering as the Mallorcan economy continued to evolve.

Eighty years later, Socías y Rosselló is still a Mallorcan family-run business that is deeply rooted in our society. It has more than three hundred employees and a catalogue of products and services that can equip all types of homes, offices and hotels. This is all housed in spectacular facilities that are spacious, functional and constantly expanding.

Past, present and future

Located in Polígono de Son Castelló, the company has an enormous inventory of furniture, decoration, parquet flooring, kitchens, electrical appliances, bathrooms, heating and cooling systems, wardrobes and lighting. Ideal for the needs of corporate customers, but also suitable for individuals. Their showrooms are constantly being updated, both in Palma and Manacor or Ibiza where their services are on display with the guaranteed quality and professionalism that they have always been known for. However, Socías y Rosselló does not forget where it came from and continues to be one of the leading distributors of plumbing and electric materials, tools and industrial supplies.

With construction about to get underway, Socías y Rosselló will soon have a new logistics centre that will add more than 12,000 square metres to their existing warehouses. The building, adjacent to one of their existing properties in Son Castelló, is an amazing example of sustainability and energy efficiency, built with huge prefabricated concrete structures that optimise resources and get the most out of the 100kwp solar park installed on the roof that permits the 230 solar panels to provide more than 159,000 kw/hour per year.

Lluminic, light and essence

In addition to these new installations, another new space is opening in the current building: LLUMINIC. The evolution and constant search for comprehensive solutions led to the creation of a lighting and design studio for architects, interior designers or individuals looking for solutions. LLUMINIC is by no means just any lighting studio.

It is a concept aimed at creating illuminated spaces that play with natural light, take advantage of shadows and optimise the Mediterranean sun to give each room the lighting it needs, and to give each person the light they need. LLUMINIC imagines, creates and designs all things related to lighting, both indoors and outdoors, both in small spaces and expansive rooms, both for homes and companies. LLUMINIC is the large penultimate project from Socias y Rosselló… because the last one is always still to come.

Friendly, professional and versatile

To celebrate the eightieth anniversary of the company in style, we will be at the EXPOsoyro at the end of September, the largest industry fair in the Balearics. It will be a huge event during which more than 160 exhibitors and stands will offer their products and services. The best brands on the market are putting the final touches on their displays so that they can show them off to visitors.

The Socías y Rosselló journey is based on friendliness and professionalism. These have always been their distinguishing traits. Their extensive catalogue of top brands in all areas of the sector is a testament to this. Their slogan, everything you need for your home all in one place, perfectly summarises the company’s mission. A comprehensive service and a wide range of products that can cover a project from start to finish.

Socías y Rosselló seeks to equip homes, hotels, offices and commercial units. It can adapt to multi-million euro budgets or to the tightest purse strings. It provides each project with exactly what it needs. From the Italian exclusivity of Bertolotto or Lualdi doors, true works of art, to accessories like mirrors, radiators or towel warmers by Grohe, Uraldi or Windisch, or shower and bath equipment from Novellini, Hidrobox or Bette.

Indoor furniture that creates unique and exclusive spaces while also providing comfort and functionality. Outdoor furniture that is in harmony with the landscape and integrates with its surroundings. Chairs that bring out the personality of the room, dining table or the people that enjoy sitting on them. Radiant, warm and comfortable flooring. Parquet that is innovative or classic, respectful and efficient. A range as broad as the client’s imagination.

Summarising the projects in which Socías y Rosselló have participated is an impossible task. For eighty years, they have known how to cover each project’s needs, evolving and offering innovative solutions, adjusting to budgets and creating trends.

Socías y Rosselló always adapts to the services requested by the professionals, also carrying our integral projects where the client comes up with the ideas and the creative team transforms them into reality.

n times of immediacy and constant transformation, celebrating eighty years of existence is a privilege achieved by very few. Socías y Rosselló has achieved it, in top form, with years of experience and dreams from long ago. They will be around for many more years to come.