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Three-way partnership agreement

Bernat Vidal, Juan Ribas, Paula Serra

The Col.legi Oficial de Pèrits, Enginyers Técnics Industrials i Graus (COGITI) has signed a new partnership agreement with Borbalán and Grup Serra. The agreement aims to promote the dissemination of new developments and information on the real estate sector and the activities carried out by COGITI.

The agreement was signed by Juan Ribas, Chairperson of COGITI, Bernat Vidal, representing the Borbalán communication agency, and Paula Serra, on behalf of Grup Serra. The main channels of communication for the synergies to be achieved will be the LLAD News newsletter and El Económico, the weekly financial paper published by Grup Serra on Fridays along with the newspaper Última Hora.

The agreement does not include any financial compensation as its purpose is to provide channels of information for members and associates through innovative proposals that both Borbalán and Grup Serra will make available. The duration of the agreement is one year, which can be extended by mutual agreement; all parties involved want it to last for a long time.