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aProperties: comprehensive solutions for the real estate sector

Two unique premises for two unique companies

Fronda and Goiko are two peculiar words. The first is Castilian and refers to the set of branches and leaves that make up the thickness. The second is Basque and could be translated as above or superior, depending on the case. They are also the names of two important business groups, one dedicated to gardening and the other to gastronomy. Little in common, except that both companies were looking to set up in Palma and needed someone to help them find their ideal location. The aFinance Group was chosen and has led the way in this new adventure. Knowing the client, their needs, desires and business is essential to be able to advise them. A real estate agency is not enough, no matter how good it is. We need to go a step further, offering a comprehensive service and full coverage.

The aFinance Group is made up of 6 companies: aProperties, aTemporal, aFinance, aCapital, aRetail and aYachts, which offer comprehensive and personalised solutions for any operation related to the real estate, financial and nautical sectors. Between them, they combine a solid vocation to provide a 360º service in all their business areas. A comprehensive, first-class customer offer is the company’s primary objective.

Investing and living

The branch specialising in homes and residences is aProperties, a renowned real estate consultancy mainly dedicated to selling and renting homes – the properties they manage stand out for their location and uniqueness. They do not limit their areas of operation, but their strength stands out in the prime areas of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Mallorca.

aProperties is a young company, in constant evolution, which saw a unique opportunity to continue growing in the Balearic Islands. Thus, in 2019 it opened its office in Mallorca, a location that allows it to offer its residential clients top properties from which to enjoy the island’s beauty. When it comes to shopping, Palma offers some of the most sought-after streets in Spain, frequented by tourists with great purchasing power.


As specialists in selling and purchasing stylish homes, aProperties has become the real estate consultant trusted by discerning clients. The work of professionals is not limited to showing houses – far from it. The most advanced marketing tools allow us to identify synergies between owners wanting to get the most out of their real estate and clients looking for their new home or workspace. In short, finding the right home for the right client.

The perfect place for the ideal business

In the case of commercial premises, the experience of aRetail allows them to offer a friendly and quality service to their customers. Top-level firms that require the best location put themselves in their hands to find a unique space that will allow them to keep growing. The cases of Fronda and Goiko, to name two examples of business success, confirm the excellent work carried out by aRetail. Knowing the customer’s needs and expectations is the determining factor in finding the right venue. Accompanied at all times by a personal advisor and the legal team, clients can follow the entire process of buying, selling or renting a property step by step.

Fronda was installed in the old Avenida cinema, whose building was converted into a hotel, taking advantage of the peculiar characteristics of the premises. An area with many visitors and facilities showcasing the exuberance of the company’s range of plants and gardening products.

Goiko found its place in the Plaça d’Espanya. This area is currently being refurbished, representing an opportunity to optimise both the interior of the premises and its magnificent terrace. The quality of its gastronomic offer is already being tasted by the many young people, whether at heart or age, who frequent one of the city’s hotspots.

And all thanks to a great team of experts in different areas that form the basis of the aFinance Group‘s DNA, a great family.