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Golf Maioris

18 years between the sea and the sky

Golf Maioris is an adolescent about to come of age. Inaugurated in 2006, Golf Maioris is still growing and evolving, building on its experiences while maintaining the vigour of its youth.
When it comes to a golf course, reaching eighteen signifies entering a phase where mistakes are refined, strengths are emphasised, and the finest aspects of sports and nature are showcased.

Mediterranean spirit

Golf Maioris is the work of many people, including architect German Dieter Cabus, the creator of many golf courses around the world. It’s situated in the Maioris residential area, after which it’s named, just a short distance from Palma, Llucmajor, and the airport, offering players the flexibility to make the most of their rounds even if the game runs long.

The course layout, crafted by Dieter Cabus and RS Group, takes golfers on a scenic journey amidst pine, olive, and carob trees, serving as a constant reminder of the natural surroundings: Mallorca and its distinctive Mediterranean garrigue. The architecture of the course is simple and natural. It seeks to optimise to the fullest what nature inherently offers. Cabus hasn’t aimed to overpower the ecosystem; instead, he’s strived to embrace it and bring out its finest qualities. The initial nine holes are designed in a Scottish style, while the latter half of the course follows the American model. This approach respects and conserves the natural surroundings and the terrain’s topography to the fullest extent. With its 6,347 meters and par 72, Golf Maioris caters to both novice players and those with a significant handicap. The sea breeze, typical because of its proximity to the coast, bestows the course with a consistently pleasant temperature year-round, thanks to its regulating influence. However, it can pose challenges for players when it blows continuously. This is one of the distinctive features of this course that adds an advantage when playing on it. In any case, the “embat,” the most Mallorcan of winds in Mallorca, calms the summer heat with the regularity and certainty characteristic of the island.

Its corridors are wide, the fairways spacious, and the greens meticulously tended to by those who understand that the course still has its finest moments ahead. The round begins with a par 4 hole, featuring a green guarded by three bunkers serving as sentinels. It’s a promising beginning that is further enriched by the uniqueness of the following hole: the challenge presented by the pine trees positioned in the middle of the course of hole 2. The course designer aimed to leverage the natural elements and incorporated this obstacle into an exceptionally enjoyable course. The standout holes include the 4th, a par 5, which is a signature feature of Golf Maioris, and the 13th, a par 3, where the green is situated on an island protected by small mounds and a carob tree, guarding the hole like a conquest to be achieved.

Golf Maioris boasts 300 days of sunshine annually, a luxury that makes it an ideal option for both players and companions alike. The services offered by Golf Maioris are another attraction of the course.

Functional, fun and sustainable

The course is equipped with facilities enabling self-sufficient energy generation, a recently implemented measure that has empowered the facility to primarily utilise solar energy as its resource source. Water recycling is another feature of the course, surpassing legal mandates. The reuse of resources and the circularity of their use make Golf Maioris fully aligned with the most stringent environmental requirements.

The clubhouse is a magnificent Mallorcan-style chalet, featuring two floors and a basement. It is a straightforward construction, with a traditional design, devoid from passing trends. Functionality is key, making it ideal for hosting golf-related events and celebrations, as well as enjoying various other activities. It offers over 2,220 square meters of facilities for both members and visitors, featuring a splendid gym and a fully stocked store. There’s also a recreational area for children to enjoy while adults indulge in their favourite sport.

The restaurant at Golf Maioris offers a simple no-frills menu. Fresh pasta, rice dishes, and quality meat are available, as well as a wide range of salads. Well-served, with service that matches the overall quality. The splendid terrace allows for lunch with views of the course, a luxury available to all who wish to spend a day at Golf Maioiris.

In summary, this divine treasure representing youth is one of the key factors influencing the sports and social offerings provided by Golf Maioris.