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Moorea Group Mallorca & Duran: the perfect match

In a place in the Serra de Tramuntana

Younger visitors may not remember that a legendary music festival, Selva Rock, was held in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana years ago. It has been a while, too long perhaps, but some things remain almost unchanged: the people of Selva and rock music. Both maintain their unique essence.

Selva offers everything you would expect to find when looking for a property: the tranquillity of a small village, the proximity to the cosmopolitan Palma, the beauty of an idyllic landscape and the luxury of a spectacular space.

Demand, quality and experience

Okke and Olga are a Dutch couple who discovered Mallorca a few years ago and decided to make the island their home. When you talk to them about architecture, interior design or landscapes and confuse their accent, they correct you with a smile to explain that they are not as the Germans. Still, they are as demanding and perfectionist as them, always seeking to offer the highest possible quality in what they do. They have accumulated experience in many refurbishments in their home country, he as an industrial design engineer and she as an interior designer. They created Moorea Group Mallorca and under this name they develop their work.

Their first project was in Consell. They went through the whole process, applied for permits, contacted small local builders, carpenters and installers and came to DURAN looking for the best possible kitchens and bathrooms. Of their meeting, they emphasise that they were not frightened when their standards were raised and that they accepted the perfectionism demanded of them as a matter of course. It was then that they decided that DURAN would be their partner in the projects they would carry out.

Being part of the landscape

The property was a total success and sold on the first day it was offered for sale. The journey was underway. Their next adventure was about to begin. In Selva, they found a piece of land they fell in love with from the very beginning. A ruin that had been abandoned for more than seventy years and a three-year-old building permit were used to start the project, which had been delayed for almost thirty months. But it was worth it. Unhurried, looking for quality, taking care of even the smallest details.

The location of the plot hooked them from the beginning and drove them to carry out a project with the highest possible quality: the best materials, the best machinery, Gaggenau kitchen, Axor taps, the best wood craftsmen. And with a nowadays non-negotiable principle: the sustainability of a home that will become a benchmark for their work as promoters. Sixty solar panels supply it with electricity and 100 kilowatts of lithium batteries provide it with energy autonomy.

They do not seek to stand out in the landscape but to blend into it. A rather classical style, very typical of the island’s interior, allows the house not to stand out but to harmonise with its surroundings, blend in with its neighbours, and form part of an extraordinary landscape.

Down to the last detail

They are self-proclaimed to be quite demanding in their pursuit of perfection and emphasise that they have managed to get the team they work with to embrace this attitude. Adrià Martínez is one of their references and supports when it comes to achieving this perfection. The kitchens and bathrooms are one of the strengths of the house.

DURAN is their partner rather than their supplier. It advises them, offers them, but above all it listens to them and understands them. It knows what they are looking for and helps them find it. From the design of the space to the best accessories or appliances. The best brands, the best quality. The detail of a tap that had not yet arrived in Mallorca or a smoke outlet that goes unnoticed, are demands that DURAN assumes with naturalness and rigour. A high level of customer demand is combined with the same level of demand from suppliers – the perfect tandem.

The kitchen is increasingly becoming one of the home’s main focal points. Finding the right location, the best design, and the right appliances is a task that requires knowledge and experience. DURAN brings together both concepts and puts them at the service of its clients to achieve the final objective. From the quality of the water, which will affect the performance of the appliances, to the fit of the furniture and appliances to the space in which they will be installed.

The result could not be better: a house that fits into the landscape without transforming it, integrating into it, and capable of offering its dwellers the best qualities and comfort to make it the home they desire.

To be able to enjoy Selva and rock in the best possible conditions.