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Absolute success in the first edition of Premium Real Estate Summit

On Wednesday 29 November, 225 experts and professionals gathered at the first edition of the Premium Real Estate Summit.

Succeeding in Madrid is not easy. To do so you need a good idea, a good place to showcase it and a good group of people to present it. And yet, it is not enough. You also need an audience that understands and is interested. The first edition of the Premium Real Estate Summit met all these conditions.

Planner Exhibitions, together with Grupo Serra and Borbalán, brought the idea of holding a conference on the luxury residential sector, possibly the most current and influential real estate segment, to Madrid. The first step was taken.

Next up was the search for the best possible host, the All in one de Caixabank, in the heart of Madrid. A space created by Norman Foster, of superb workmanship and an architectural icon of the highest level. Xicu Costa, an Ibizan at the helm of Caixabank’s regional office in the capital, set to work to ensure that the forum had the best possible audience.

To follow the path, the likes of Construye Capital, Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices, Colliers, Netsense, Grupo Tecnicasa, Bilba, Savills and Miele. The adventure was looking better and better and the foundations were being laid.

The speakers were missing. We couldn’t go wrong in the selection, and we didn’t. First-class professionals, experts with years of experience willing to share their knowledge. The line-up of speakers was a real treat, in keeping with the theme of the conference. Presentations, facts data, debate, and different opinions at the service of a common idea: to offer the more than 200 attendees at the Premium Real Estate Summit the opportunity to learn first-hand what the 29 speakers who made this first edition a real treat think, come up with, imagine and project.

It would be as unfair to single out conferences or speakers, round tables or discussion forums as it would be to omit some of the conclusions that we can highlight as essential.

Spain is currently the fourth country in the world as a destination of choice for investment in the premium real estate sector, a Latin word that architect Carlos Lamela claims instead of luxury. And within our country, there are four specific hotspots for investors: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Palma. Four leading cities, with a vital offer that includes first-class residences and everything that this potential client demands: quality of construction, safety, gastronomic offer, and cultural life. In short: quality of life.

Sustainability, until recently an add-on to the construction process, has now become a key and referential issue. A Premium residence is only possible with all the elements required for it to be sustainable in terms of maintenance, supplies and energy. Providing homes with the right processes and materials is a prerequisite if they are considered real options for discerning seekers of the highest standard.

The macroeconomic situation is another factor to be highlighted. After a period of very low interest rates, we are now in an inflationary scenario, albeit one that is slowing down. Demand remains strong and the price adjustment will not affect this segment, which continues to grow significantly.

Branded Residences, essential in the marketing of luxury residential properties, help to attract new customer profiles seeking exclusivity understood as rare goods associated with high-end brands.

Nor was there a lack of reference to buying a Premium home, a journey in which accompaniment and advice determine its successful completion. Taking advantage of the synergies and marketing strategies between all the agents involved is essential to achieve the expected objective: complete customer satisfaction.

And the attendees and speakers at the first Premium Real Estate Summit were so satisfied that preparations are underway for the second edition. Health and future!