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Son Dogaya, a single-family home in a rustic setting, in the heart of Majorca.

Almacenes Femenías tackling the challenge of proposing and serving construction materials and interior design elements for an eclectic, original and unique project.

Adaptation to the environment and circumstances

The constraints of the urban legislation require giving one’s best to turn the initial dream into a reality while maintaining aesthetic standards based on the use of traditional architectural elements.

From this perspective, Ladaria Arquitectos, considered essential the use of sloping roofs, ceramic tiles of Arab origin or wooden blinds for the sake of privacy. That intimacy so valuable, so close and so Mallorcan. The rules set the limits, but they do not force us to renounce modern minimalism, based on “less is more” and the use of the most advanced home automation, supported, in this case, by a Zennio KNS installation. The multifunctional and programmable smart switches are provided by BASALTE and the underfloor heating is the work of Giacomini. The ventilation system, with built-in heat recovery, is a ZEHNDER creation.

Son Dogaya - Almacenes Femenías - Vistas

Earth, water and natural elements

The building has a constructed area of 453 m2 on two floors plus a very large basement, for a total built area of 864 m2. The ideal complement is the pool, with 60m2 and an adjacent lagoon of 57m2, which allow you to enjoy inland Mallorca in the best imaginable conditions.

The house is made up of two buildings combined in the shape of an L. The largest block, with two heights, has the typical character of the buildings in the centre of the island, with vertical windows and a simple cornice. The second body is one height, with a sloping gabled roof and a cantilevered cornice using wooden beam heads, reminiscent of the stately palaces of Palma. Due to the experience of Almacenes Femenías in this type of construction,we needed to achieve, through the materials, a perfect combination of the sobriety of rural Mallorca with the grandeur of the great houses of the old neighbourhood of Palma, maintaining its own character and without falling in the imposed petulance.

Son Dogaya - Almacenes Femenías

Open to light

As if falling from the sky, the simple roofs of the second floor and the stateliest of the first with its prominent eaves, direct us to the ground floor, where minimalism and practicality prevail on the terraces made up of large-format floating porcelain tile floors and mounted on plots with the formation of hidden slopes that generate an air chamber to optimise the microclimate of the terraces.

Son Dogaya - Almacenes Femenías

The flooring is by Living Ceramics, a giant in the sector, BERA&BEREN model, in Greig colour and 120x120cm format, both indoors and outdoors.

This use of resources makes it possible to match indoor and outdoor flooring on the same level.

On the other hand, the sliding windows, which are hidden inside the walls, allow a stunning view, without frames that obstruct the panoramic view from inside the house.

Son Dogaya - Almacenes Femenías - Salón

A simple idea masterfully put into practice by Mairata, who designed and built it. It is by Home of Horizon, LINE PQ model, and is made up of fiberglass profiles protected by an anodised aluminium sheet, a guarantee of success.

The bathrooms are another example of a combination of construction elements and own materials. The intimacy of the space is divided by a simple sliding glass panel that is hidden inside the stone wall. The excellent Majorcan climate allows the slider to be open for a large part of the year, amplifying the volume of the bathroom and providing light that gives the space an outdoor feeling, without losing its essential privacy.

The taps belong to the 316 collection by Gessi, an unavoidable reference in the sector.

Son Dogaya - Almacenes Femenías - Baño
Son Dogaya - Almacenes Femenías - Baño

Create without thinking about limits

Outside, the pool and its lagoon, forming another L complementary to the one in the house, are the perfect counterpoint. The division between the spaces of the house and the natural environment is marked in the sheet of water in the pool. The rest is to blend into the terrain, blur the limits, integrate into the world that welcomes you.

Son Dogaya - Almacenes Femenías - Piscina

The waterproofing and thermal insulation of the pool and lagoon is provided by Schluter, with a 50mm KERDI BOARD sheet and its large-format IDRA model tile.

All the pool and lagoon facilities have been implemented by Gispert Piscinas.

Essential materials, with simple lines, long-lasting use over time and adapted to the essence of Mallorca. Always available at Almacenes Femenías, leaders in quality and variety of products and services.

Making this dream come true, transforming the concept into a home is the work of GRUPO FERRA, a renowned brand in residential construction in Mallorca.

Simplify as much as possible and minimise the impact to obtain completeness.