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Villa Santa Ponsa: A dream open to the Mediterranean

Porcelanosa, a safe bet

Photographs: Palma Films

Playing paddle tennis is easy, but playing well is another matter. Building a house is simple, but creating a home, not so much. The team at the DKAT Architecture & Design studio play paddle tennis and play it magnificently, but they also have time to think, imagine and design extraordinary homes. The studio is made up of architects Antoni Torrandell and Iris Selgar and interior designers Deniz Kardas and Manuel Molina. Together they make an unbeatable team, both on the paddle tennis courts and in the design world.

One of the latest projects completed by DKAT Architecture & Design is Villa Santa Ponsa, a home designed to convey the essence of the Mediterranean in all its splendour. Porcelanosa, a leading company in the sector, played an integral role in the project, enabling these professionals to make their clients’ dream a reality.

The perfect material for every idea

This home on the east coast of Mallorca is a wonderful example of what can emerge when the creativity of expert architects and interior designers meets the wealth of materials and resources offered by a company such as Porcelanosa. Expansive panoramic views along with a serene and sustainable design are the distinguishing features of Villa Santa Ponsa. Spacious living areas laid out in open-plan spaces, to respect family privacy while also encouraging social interaction.

The home is distributed over two levels, seeking to achieve the best orientation, and positioned in the plot according to the boundaries. A minor modification to the roof enables natural light to filter through, which changes in intensity throughout the day. The villa’s architectural geometry is unpretentious in design, providing an atmosphere that is immediately comfortable and liveable. The design is based on the highest energy-efficiency criteria, with cross ventilation and optimal insulation, along with technological solutions, such as solar panels and home automation in all the rooms.

On the ground floor, the studio designed a striking double space that promotes natural ventilation and is flooded with zenithal lighting, thanks to the work done on the roof. The spacious open-plan area on this floor is composed of a living area, a dining room and a kitchen designed in the form of an island, to enhance its social, aesthetic and pragmatic value, and to increase its storage capacity. The solid worktop is made with Krion K-Life 1100 and the basin is from the Basic C line, made from Krion Snow White. Both products are included in the range of materials that Porcelanosa offers to professionals and clients.

Natural light without boundaries

One of the most striking features of the home are its walls, made of glass from floor to ceiling, to make the most of the Mediterranean sunlight. Once opened up, all boundaries disappear and the interior blends into the porch, with a natural continuation that is achieved by using the same paving inside and outside the house. Bottega Caliza from Porcelanosa is the perfect material for this task, as it provides chromatic harmony throughout the home. The wood, included in the walls, furniture and dividing structures, is another key feature of Villa Santa Ponsa.

The second floor is accessed via an overhanging staircase. As you go upstairs, there is a ‘bonus room’ that joins the main room with the other spaces, providing a sense of continuation without sacrificing much-needed privacy and allowing people to move around naturally, so they can discover the spaces easily and respectfully.

The en suite bathrooms have been installed with suspended furniture from Porcelanosa’s Gamadecor range, with Krion K-Life worktops and Basic washbasins with Urban de Noken mixer taps. The shower area is waterproofed with the imperband kit from Butech and the Spiga Bottega decor plays with volumes and textures, achieving a very pleasing finish.

The outdoor area of the home is perfect for relaxing. The porch, which runs along the entire façade, offers numerous spaces for enjoying outdoor life and taking advantage of the pleasant weather offered by our climate. The pool and chill-out areas are cladded with PARKER Nebraska Tea and Bottega Caliza ceramic wood from Porcelanosa, continuing the aesthetic found throughout the home.

A special event for unique spaces

Villa Santa Ponsa is a perfect example of the DKAT studio’s work, with a serene and attractive design that focuses on functionality and high-quality, durable, beautiful and timeless materials, many of which can be obtained by taking advantage of Días Porcelanosa.

Días Porcelanosa is the perfect time to take on that renovation project that you’ve been putting off for so long, which can be achieved in no time at the hands of professional experts or eager enthusiasts.

During this period, from 13 to 28 October, Porcelanosa offers its customers something rather special: a very wide range of products and materials combined with highly specialised professional advice, to help you complete the renovation of your dreams. You will also have the opportunity to visualise your project with digital tools, which is just one more reason to make Días Porcelanosa an unmissable event.