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Envy, the victory of exposed concrete

Jaime Salvá and the challenge of the new premium home.

Pictures: Tomeu Canyellas

Some ideas float around in your head, waiting for their chance to come true. Jaime Salvá, he soul of Jaime Salvá Architecture & Interior Design, had long been considering the possibility of putting exposed concrete at the service of first-class homes. He had to wait, but everything comes, and Patrick Hansmeier, commission from Sophisticated Projects, gave him the opportunity.

This is how Envy came about: a home that combines the premium concept and exposed concrete to provide extraordinary sophistication and design in front of the Santa Ponsa marina, with the Mediterranean always present.

Extraordinarily integrated

At first glance and from a distance, two details stand out in Envy: its horizontal structure and harmonious integration with the natural landscape that surrounds the house. It is as if it wanted to avoid attracting attention despite the beauty of its construction.

Upon approaching, the most striking feature of the house is its exposed concrete exterior, an industrial material that combines its structural functionality with a peculiar personality that gives the whole a unique final aesthetic.

But let’s go to the beginning. Upon receiving the assignment, Jaime Salvá had an initial vision of the project that coincided perfectly with Patrick Hansmeier’s idea, to the point that the first proposal was the definitive one, beyond the small and inevitable nuances. This communion of ideas between architect and developer was one of the successes of the project since it shortened the project deadlines by reducing the time necessary to finalise the design and begin construction, completed within
less than a year.

Contemporary Mediterranean

With the idea in the blueprint, the objective was to optimise the possibilities of concrete by assuming the challenges posed by its use. It was necessary to avoid the possibility of transmitting an industrial coldness that would make the home impersonal and leave aside the warmth that is essential in a home. The challenge only stimulated Salvá’s creative spirit.

The objective was to provide the construction with all the virtues of a Mediterranean home. Thus, the ground floor was opened, and the house’s interior was connected to the exterior, providing the living room with pleasant pool views and greater spatial amplitude. In addition, wooden sheets were placed on the sides to achieve the desired effect.

The dining room and the outdoor kitchen were designed to be separated by sliding windows that can be hidden in the thickness of the façade wall when circumstances require it. This option allows you to use both spaces comfortably on breezy days or when the sun is shy.

Envy is built in a style that we could define as contemporary Mediterranean. Look for timelessness through noble materials and neutral tones that allow a simple combination with the furniture or artistic pieces the building may house.

The house optimises its location on the site. It faces south and makes the most of the magnificent views it has. The L-shaped design creates a cosy, intimate outdoor space protected from prying eyes. Inside, Envy adopts the ideal shape to maximise the distribution of the rooms and take advantage of the spaces.

A Boutique Service

The Jaime Salvá Architecture & Interior design team has completed a magnificent creation, a cosy home with its personality and design. A house that has transformed the supposed coldness of exposed concrete into a material capable of hosting a home.

However, the Salvá team remains faithful to its creative approach, prioritising personalised treatment and extreme attention to its customers. Use of noble materials, timeless designs that do not go out of style, integrate into the environment and respect it. The architecture they propose is creative and modern, but above all, it is personal, sustainable and functional. It adapts to the needs of each project without wanting to exceed them. The customer and knowledge of their needs are the basis for adequately focusing on the peculiarities of each building. In short, it is a boutique service that makes each work unique.