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Tradition, innovation and professionalism

The latest addition to DURAN’s offer is its centre located in the Santanyí business park, which along with those of Alcúdia, Son Bugadelles in Calviá and Coll d ́en Rebassa in Palma, completes a deployment that spans the entire island.

DURAN has been able to adapt to the new circumstances and demands of customers by offering a comprehensive service and support always available for an entirely satisfactory experience.

With a team of interior designers and decorators led by Adrià Martínez as promoter and coordinator of projects, the client approaches DURAN ready to see their needs satisfied. It’s not your average customer. This is normally a professional who serves as a link between the end customer and DURAN, and knows the needs of one and the solutions that the other can offer;

Accompaniment, if desired by the customer, is at the heart of the new shopping experience at DURAN; Advice in each of the facets necessary to carry out a project is a differentiating element. Plumbing, ironmongery, energy efficiency, air conditioning, electricity, lighting or construction materials are services that DURAN offers, both to professionals and individuals; But also kitchen furniture, outdoor furniture, flooring and tiles, curtains and blinds.

In the new centre of Santanyí the different environments the customer an extensive range of possibilities that is completed with the work spaces intended for planning each decorative project. If there is one thing that distinguishes DURAN, it is its team of experts, whose sole objective is to offer the professional everything necessary to successfully complete the client’s project.

Adrià Martínez coordinates the group, which has around ten members spread across its four centres and does not hesitate to travel to the construction site if necessary.

Comprehensive service

The concept they have developed in DURAN is that of a comprehensive project. A complete and detailed approach to accompany the planning, design and execution of all stages necessary for the achievement of the project. Floors with paving, tiles or parquet; ceilings with avant-garde and functional design lamps; decoration, outdoor furniture and spaces dedicated to the kitchen and bathroom.

The catalogue of materials and the different environments recreated in the centres are a great source of inspiration or confirmation of the ideas and excitement of each customer, whether private or professional.


Kika Galmés, one of the group’s interior designers, proudly comments what a client said while they were working on one of their projects: “…at DURAN you can do the whole house”.

This is one of the differential issues: the comprehensive support they can offer is utterly innovative on the island. You can find everything in their showrooms to make a project a reality.

The client who comes to DURAN looking for a comprehensive service is mostly foreign. Professionals who advise high purchasing power customers and who need language not to be a barrier, in any sense.
They also work for top hotel chains and real estate developments. In the case of hotels, its work focuses on establishments where the owner is looking for quality. Very high-level small hotels where solvency and the end result are the keys to success.

However, DURAN has not abandoned the self-service option for those who wish to do so. In sectors such as plumbing or ironmongery, it is particularly useful and functional for professionals who know their needs perfectly.